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The Value of Good Landscaping

Keeping your Community Looking Great

  • 23 May 2016
  • Author: Brian Berce
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The Value of Good Landscaping

The association has a robust landscaping budget, but the practical purposes accomplished by good landscaping makes it money well spent.

  • Landscaping can save money. Substituting perennial ground cover for grass greatly reduces maintenance, and drought-tolerant plants reduce water costs.
  • Shrubs and trees screen unsightly utility boxes, trash areas or an unfortunate view. They also make effective sound barriers and privacy screens.
  • Landscaping creates new habitats. Some parts of the grounds can be untended natural areas where small shrubs and saplings grow, thus creating habitats for birds, chipmunks and other small animals.
  • Landscaping adds color. Flowering trees add color in spring. Purple plum trees, specimen evergreens and other colorful varieties provide color throughout the year.
  • Landscaping can direct common-area traffic. For example, shrubs planted in strategic locations will funnel pedestrians toward an exit.
  • Landscaping can stabilize awkward topography. A terraced slope planted with ground cover or small shrubs has a dramatic effect without minimal maintenance issues.
  • Landscaping provides visual interest, especially when it incorporates architectural elements like fountains, arbors, gazebos or fences.

Landscaping is a long-term investment in the community that rewards individual homeowners and the association as well.

HOA Governance

What Are Governing Documents?

  • 4 April 2016
  • Author: Brian Berce
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HOA Governance

We’re always talking about the association’s governing documents, but what are they?


State Law

Almost every state has statutes governing condominiums and homeowner associations. In addition most associations are subject to the state corporations’ code.


Declaration, Master Deed, or Proprietary Lease and Their Covenants and Restrictions

Planned communities are created by declarations (also known as master deeds). Cooperatives are created with proprietary leases (also called occupancy agreement). These contain the restrictions that regulate residents’ behavior, they define owner’s rights and obligations, and establish the association’s responsibilities.


Articles of Incorporation

Most associations, and all cooperatives, incorporate and have articles of incorporation that define their purposes and powers. They may specify such things as the number of directors and their terms of office.



Bylaws address association operations such as procedures for meetings and elections and specifying the general duties of the board.


Resolutions—Rules and Regulations

Board members adopt rules and regulations, and sometimes members have to approve them. Rules and regulations are recorded as board resolutions. Resolutions must be consistent with the declaration or proprietary lease, the bylaws and state law.


Association governing documents are almost always trumped by state law. But, when association documents conflict among themselves, the declaration or proprietary lease carries the greatest weight, followed by the bylaws and then the rules and regulations. 

CAI Community Faires

Connecting With the HOA Community

  • 17 November 2015
  • Author: Brian Berce
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CAI Community Faires

This year we connected with HOA managers and board member at events organized by CAI-GLAC and  CAI-Channel Islands. It gave us an opportunity to hear their insurance concerns and to answer their questions. We gave away a few prices and helped the busy HOA managers take a break from their jobs. We look forward to attending more events in the coming year. 

Welcome to Berce Insurance

We're launching a new site!

  • 5 February 2015
  • Author: Brian Berce
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Welcome to Berce Insurance

Welcome to my new site! This is the first blog post I'm putting up here, just to introduce us on the new website. For those who know me, welcome back! For those new friends, read on!

Homeowner Associations Are Our Specialty

We can help your HOA

  • 12 January 2015
  • Author: Brian Berce
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Homeowner Associations Are Our Specialty

Brian can help your association get the protection it needs.

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